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About us

An organic skincare and cosmetics store, Organic Harmony emerged out of a spirit of adventure and discovery. For, a journey pushes boundaries and opens up one’s mind as nothing else.

In search of new experiences and knowledge, an entrepreneur in the organic field, Jean Kaszacs, left his home country of Belgium to explore the world. He met new people; other cultures inspired him. It became a journey towards understanding genuine beauty, the one founded on strong human values, balanced lifestyle and sustainability.

Drawing on multicultural perspective and best beauty rituals, Organic Harmony now offers the finest organic beauty products brought from around the world. A carefully selected range of result-driven skincare, hair care, make-up and fragrance products have been tested for their natural and organic content, safety and effectiveness.

Remaining faithful to our founder’s aspirations, the products come from anywhere in the world - America, Australia, Africa, France, Germany, Italy, UK and many other countries, embracing the most effective local ingredients and practices. All products at Organic Harmony are completely free of any harmful ingredients and synthetic chemicals and are not tested on animals.

We are proud to be able to offer the right and most effective solution for a specific skin concern and therefore to guide you along your own journey to healthy beauty.  Organic Harmony is your natural beauty expert.